About Jackie Walker


I was a teacher and after working in inner city secondary schools I became an adviser, specialising in equal opportunities and development studies in the West country of England. I wrote materials, planned courses and developed programmes for anti-racist training, particularly in majority white areas. After a while I became a freelance working for organisations like Oxfam and Christian Aid, overseas as well as the UK.


In the early 1980s I returned to London and began post graduate studies at SOAS (University of London) researching the construction of British Caribbean identity. I took MA units in Jewish Holocaust literatures, the African diaspora, literatures of the Caribbean. In 2008 my first book, a family memoir, Pilgrim State was published in hard back, paper back and as an audio book. It’s out of print now but you can buy it second hand or new for Kindle.


I re-joined Labour around 2009, always a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. In Thanet we had successfully kept Nigel Farage out of Parliament. After working on the Jeremy4leader campaign, when Jeremy Corbyn became the leader of the Labour Party, I became the Organiser of Momentum Thanet, and was elected  vice Chair of Momentum. It was exciting and turbulent times.  We were riding high, but not everyone was happy. Some on the right of the Labour Party made it clear they would not rest until Corbyn and his followers were defeated. They were unhappy with the increased demands for involvement from a growing membership, used to doing things a certain way and didn’t want change. What was occurring, in many ways, was a civil war in the Labour Party; the Leadership and most members on one side, the structures of the Labour Party and many members of the Parliamentary Labour Party on the other. I knew where I would be but as a Corbyn supporter and vice Chair of Momentum, without knowing it, I became a target of false allegations of anti-semitism.

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