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Troll life has no season … no reasoning and knows no shame. One down, they open up another front. Have a look on twitter and see what’s happening and then think IF I was a holocaust denier, after what’s happened to me on the media, wouldn’t EVERY media outlet have said it? These people need certifying…..




Below – a normal, run of the mill screenshot of a racist trope aimed at me. It was written by someone called Dan Fox. Nothing unusual about that you may think though  yes, it’s worth noting the instigator of the thread. Richie Rich is a well known writer (and campaigner against antisemitism ….. and by the look of it … other form of racism). He seems oblivious to the racism underlying the comment by Fox (note the screenshot). And yes, we might question the motivation of Rich’s antiracism when he appears to tolerate abuse against a black women however, this is not the main point of this post. 


Following information from a number of people that Dan Fox is in fact the partner of Stella Creasy (MP Walthamstow) as well as the ex Director of Labour Friends of Israel, some days ago I sent a private email directly to Creasy, to 3 email addresses, asking for advice. Why did I do that? Well, Stella is a woman who has experienced the most awful online abuse. She has been wonderfully fearless, a tireless thorn in the flesh of these awful people, putting herself  at the centre of campaigns against abuse and, even more recently, protesting any idea of Trump visiting the UK.  See for example here:


So you can perhaps understand my dismay when it was suggested that Fox was her partner. I did what I could to verify this with people from Creasy’s CLP and was told ‘yes’, that’s Stella’s partner, but still, I wanted to be sure.

What to do?

I wrote Creasy a private email. I’d give it a while before I went public, see if she would come back to me, see (if it was her partner), whether Fox might feel moved to issue a public apology. More silence ….then suddenly  Dan Fox of the offending tweet deleted the abusive message  but apart from that – more silence.

Here’s a copy of the letter to Creasy which I now publish.


Dear Stella Creasy,

I know that we share more than being women – we are in regular public view and have both been subjected to repeated abuse and threats on social media.

I’m sure, like you, I feel no direct responsibility for the actions of my partner – though I may, and do, have strong opinions of what he says and does.

I have followed with interest your efforts to combat this growing, and disturbing, trend of violent language towards women. As you know, social media violence directed at prominent black women, including your Parliamentary Labour Party colleague Diane Abbott, is a particular problem. Your article in the Guardian makes clear both what you have experienced and how entrenched this problem is.  This is why I am asking for your help

I was forwarded an abusive and, I would suggest, racist trope, contained in a tweet, made by someone called Dan Fox. I have been told this is your partner (I attach the tweet for your reference). I find it  hard to believe that someone in the Labour Party, who has held significant positions, whose partner has experienced awful abuse themselves, would do such a thing. I am attempting to clarify who this Dan Fox is. Can you confirm asap whether you know this person and what you think the best way to deal with this kind of abuse is?

Best wishes,

Jackie Walker

The day after, the story got more interesting when the Mail ran this article:

… and Creasy appeared on TV, Peston on Sunday, still campaigning – oh yes – on ‘bullying’ but this time the bullying of Clair Kober, who announced that she will remove herself from her position on Haringey Council after the NEC, and it seems like many of her electorate, told her where to stick the redevelopment (or social cleansing) that she and her right wing faction controlling the council had been pushing.

The contradiction, some have said hypocrisy, seems to have escaped both Peston (not one question on this during the programme) and Creasy.




In preparation for the Bristol performance, the trolls got busy:


My favourite Hoffman the Troll Master General ……….  

 Notice the libel, the implied threats and of course what he forgets to say ….the apology from the venues in Scotland and ….. I haven’t got a clue about the other venues he’s quoting….There’s also the antisemitism of talking about ‘Jewish people’, a well known trope that sees Jews as working together but zionists often get to be racist without people being too agitated.


“You have a booking for “The Lynching” with Jackie Walker on 3 February.

Maybe you do not know Walker’s history.  She is an antisemite  who has been suspended by the Labour Party. Three venues  in Scotland recently cancelled her (Methodist Church, Edinburgh; Aberdeen University; West On The Green, Glasgow)

You risk reputational damage if you host her. And possibly funding, assuming you are grant-aided.

The play “The Lynching” is offensive to Jewish people. For example it includes the allegation that Jews suppress criticism of Israel by labelling it ‘antisemitic’. This is an offensive well-known lie, known as the ‘Livingstone Formulation’.

The play includes this line, which is also offensive:

“But we must be free to criticise any political ideology that advances the right of one people over another. And that includes Zionism”

Zionism is about Jewish self-determination. It does not “advance the right of one people over another.”

I don’t know if they have scheduled a discussion after the ‘play’. In the discussion after the performance at SOAS Walker made the following profoundly offensive allegation:

“Those people who write in the Jewish Chronicle, who do the harassing, those people, they are not the friends of the Left, they are what I call protofascists … One thing I know, the same people who are Jewish essentialists are the same sort of people who are white nationalists – and they are all our enemy. “

The Board of Deputies of British Jews wrote to the venue that was hosting the ‘play’ at the Edinburgh Festival.

I urge you to cancel this booking.

Jonathan Hoffman



This Bristol based troll – claims to be a member of the Labour party but also  marches and shares tweets with the extreme right. Just watch the video…..






One of my all time favourites … Jonathan Hoffman known to all as the Hoff


Some trolls specialise in parody accounts … and cutting and pasting racist posts next to their targets – it works with some more ill informed people.
















General trolls …..