Lynching performances past – my write ups and photos.






Portsmouth 19th February





Luton – Luton Carnival Arts Centre, February 16


14th February 2018, Prague





Bristol was good. Seemed to attract a lot of trolls with threats  to do this and that for some reason – they didn’t. If you want to get more details of the trolls, go to ‘The web and social media’ and the drop down menu of ‘Troll life’.

Organisers made banners – really big ones.

Emails were sent suggesting funding would be withdrawn, the organisers stood firm and we had a great show….and they’ve asked me back for another.

Before the performance I went to the Palestinian Museum and saw these …

Lots of photos and more to come but to start, here’s the live stream of the Q & A  session





       Liverpool – The Lynching at Unity Theatre – standing in and up at Sam Semoff’s funeral


31st January, it’s Liverpool’s Unity Theatre and the funeral of lifelong Jewish anti-zionist campaigner, Sam Semoff.

Friends of Sam had been in touch (they were also local organisers of the show). Apparently Sam was ‘obsessed’ with two things as he lay terminally ill; the NHS and The Lynching. He was determined to see the show. His friends suspected he wouldn’t make it. He didn’t, but I’d promised, if Sam couldn’t make the Unity, I would go to Sam. I kept my word, I went to Sam’s funeral, to a packed church (no religious content). There was music, some of it close to my heart. His coffin was carried in to a song I’d already earmarked for when my time comes:



We heard of Sam’s campaigning and his voice, recorded days before he died, boomed out over his coffin, urging us to act to save the NHS. I may have been a stranger but it felt as if me and Sam were comrades. Respect to this great warrior.

What a show – a Lynching to remember. Sold out (140 seats and more), the show followed not just by the usual Q & A but with a new play-let taken from a transcript of an investigative interview organised by Labour’s disciplinary unit (once called the Compliance Unit – name now changed to something like the Legal Department) against a Liverpool, Jewish, Labour party member accused of – yes you guessed it – antisemitism.

Sam was a silent witness you see at the real interview now dramatised so Sam rose to campaign once more from the grave, speaking through an actor this time in order to cross over that great divide and campaign and question (and reveal) the ignorance of those who set themselves up to judge others often so much more expert than they. Sam excoriated the Investigating Officer (and I suspect, the ignorance of most of those prosecuting these allegations of Anti-semtism), revealing their vacuity on the complexities that lay behind definitions of AS and their ignorance of the history of Jewish anti-zionism. At my investigative hearing by the way, the Officer looked up in total puzzlement at the phrase ‘the African Holocaust’ asking, with a slightly confused tilt of the head, to explain what the phrase meant. You see, it is not so much that we are led by donkeys, rather that we are administered by them.


Anyway, it was a tremendous evening from the start ……


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… to the end – standing ovation, money, energies and awareness raised, contacts made. Everything The Lynching was ever made for. ‘Thank you Liverpool, that was it, I love ya’ as they say in show biz land. See you at Conference 2018.




Moshe Machover at The Lynching at Theatro Technis, Camden, London 2017

The Derry Playhouse – 2017





Malones – Glasgow, 2017



Manchester University, 2017 


The Felons Belfast, Northern Ireland