Arrange a Venue, Event or Meeting

To contact Jackie Walker to be a speaker or take part in an event, contact


You can easily organise a venue for The Lynching – you just need enthusiasm and a performance space. You need to think of financing, venues and publicity. Get in touch at for more advice.

We provide all the publicity material you need for print and on line on this site including print, digital and videos.

Intimacy is the key for any performance space. Ideally Jackie should have a black box theatre space in which the audience is close. A slightly raked auditorium is ideal – so the public can see her full length during the course of the performance with the front row no more than two metres or so from her. The acting area shouldn’t be less than two metres deep and four metres wide. Ideal size of audience 100 but the performance can run successfully on less. A mic is not usually needed.


As for a set Jackie will need :

a  stool

a small  table for the props she will bring with her

a freestanding whiteboard onto which she can attach a photograph

a freestanding hat stand in wood, ideally.

Some theatre lighting and a lighting board makes for the best conditions.